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[3D, ACT] [DigitalDimension] GravityFighter~retry Ver.1.1
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Date : 2017-04Size : 1.04 G
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[3D, ACT] [DigitalDimension] GravityFighter~retry / [Digital Dimension] Gravity Fighter RETRY Ver.1.1


Title / タイトル: GravityFighter~retry / Gravity Fighter RETRY
Brand / ブランド: DigitalDimension / Digital Dimension
Release / 販売日: 2017/03/07
File size / ファイル容量: 1.04GB

- Game pad compatibility feature added
Some changes have been made for game pad compatibility
- Melee attacks are made in the direction you are facing
- During melee attack, jumping is now possible
- During dashing, quick turn is now possible
- While falling, it is possible to change the direction you are facing
- The attack hitboxes have become easier to hit
- Now possible to attack from range

- Added beacons so as to help prevent getting lost
- The speed of sex (piston movement) can be adjusted
- Genital area / ass movement revised. Model slightly edited.
- Breast jiggling logic revised.
- Toilets / checkpoints implemented.
- The route for game completion significantly modified
- Invisible walls to prevent being blown away
- Added the concept of needing to 'use the toilet'
- Enemy size has been unified by color coding
- Added a consecutive shooting ranged weapon
- Added mini games x 4 (Musou style, Stadium, Time Trial, Golf)
- Outer world walls made invisible until you get close
- Possible to head to visited checkpoints before completing the game
- Another scene added at the end of the last stage
- Costumes x 11 sets added
- Costumes can be coordinated piece by piece now
- Costume closet feature added

After Clearing:
- Possible to set traps and enemies of your liking where you want to
- Possible to set those enemies in the state that you wish them to be
- Possible to adjust the level of damage on clothing by slide bar
- 'Desire to use the toilet' gauge and similar settings adjustable

Hope you enjoy the newly resurrected Gravity Fighter RETRY!





















・無双組手 20人、40人、60人、80人、100人。
・ラグスタジアム Lv1~4 (女体をゴールポストに放り込むゲーム)
・タイムトライアル 4ステージX4レベル(女体を倒してタイムを稼ぐレース)

















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